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and come back often.

Some of my favorite local places
Nature's Choice
Arnada Naturals

Do you have a Macintosh Computer and need help and support?
Visit MacRory.Com for the best Macintosh consultant
(I'm not even a bit biased)
Be sure to read the blog which gives a lot of
good info for all computer users

Meet Marcus, my youngest son
who left long before his time

Capri, Summer et al

Meet my girls

I purchase my heirloom tomato plants,
pepper plants and herbs at
Millennium Farms
I highly recommend a visit to their greenhouses.

Portland Macintosh User's Group
Free monthly public meetings
Tuesday night clinics for members
Free week-night classes for members
Special fee-based classes for advanced topics

Did you come to look at the garden and those great tomatoes?
Visit my 2002 garden, see those tomatoes,
other veggies,the birds,
AND the two older granddaughters (much younger than now),
very outdated but still fun

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