Links to Family Photos, Etc.

This is a project in progress.  Images are placed here for information and identification.  All images will be saved to CD and will be available to all family members as they wish

Hazel Elinor Jones Devine's photographs.
Links to photographs scanned at Aunt Elinor's house, May 27, 2008.
These photographs are from Grandma Hazel's photograph album.

Grandma Hazel's Panda Album
Called the Panda Album because of the beautiful cover with two pandas playing.
These photographs were scanned in October of 2010.

Opal Lucille Goodin Photographs
Photographs scanned from Opal Lucille Goodin's brown photograph album.
This set from one album only. Scanned spring of 2008.

Opal Lucille Goodin Jones Photographs
These photographs scanned from Opal Lucille Goodin Jones photograph album,
brown leather album with silver trim. Scanned spring of 2008.

All images appearing here are jpg files. They are made from the full-quality scans which are saved as PhotoShop files. The original photographs were scanned at 6,000 dpi to give maximum quality. Those original scans will be available to family members on CD for them to print as wanted. The pages of the photograph album have been reproduced with captions accompanying the photographs as information becomes availble. Those pages are printed to a pdf file which can be taken to your favorite print shop to be printed as you wish.

Draft of Family History, October 23, 2009

This is the first draft of a family history started on Reunion in 2000 and uploaded to the server in July of 2004. A newer version was uploaded October 23, 2009.  It is incomplete and needs updating but is made available to you at this time for information.  Please email your information so corrections and additions can be made.

Draft of Family History, October 28, 2009

This is the ongoing draft while I am working with information while being subscribed to and contains much more information than the previous drafts.  Many dates, names, etc., have been located in census records and in other family trees related to ours.


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