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This Web site was created by Mary Monroe to:

  1. Answer the questions of DERMATOLOGISTS who want to know more about Certified Physician Assistants (PA's).
  2. Answer the questions of PA's who have a keen love of dermatology, and might like to work for a dermatologist.
  3. To share with you a large collection of over 100 dermatology-related websites.  Among these are some websites of private dermatology practices that feature their Physician Assistant's photo and biography.

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  •    The concept of a social organization of derm PAs began in December, 1992, by Joe R. Monroe, PA-C, and his (then) wife, Mary.  After identifying about a dozen derm PAs through a magazine ad in JAAPA, the first newsletter went out in March 1993.  The organization was named, "PAD" (PAs in Derm").  Mary mailed invitations to 23 derm PAs for the first meeting on Feb 5, 1995, in New Orleans during an AAD conference.  At that meeting, the "PAD" name previously filed with IRS was voted for change to "SDPA."  Leaders elected were Joe Monroe, Kurtis Opp, Jim Sotack, Sue Rancis, Terry Beck and Linda Findley; Mary Monroe was Exec Sec'y.  By Laws and a Mission Statement began to be drafted and tax-exempt status was sought.  Through initial sponsorship by Galderma, Dermik, 3M & Merck, an exhibit booth at the AAD annual meeting in Washington, D.C. in 1996 proved to be the key in educating dermatologists about PAs and in creating the hiring frenzy that continues today.  Mary published a list of "100 Best Dermatology Websites" and it drew many visitors to later exhibit booths.  In the 2/96 issue of AAD's membership magazine, "Dermatololgy World," an article appeared about derm PAs featuring Joe's photo.  In 12/98, the derm PA org. became an affiliate chapter of AAPA.  While Joe did the fund-raising, Mary planned the semi-annual social functions sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies.  Initial funding for the start up of what is now SDPA was covered privately by Joe and Mary.  Later, funding by drug companies for the tiny $7K budget was adequate, and there were no membership dues for the first several years.  Joe & Mary submitted magazine articles at every chance and 15 years later, the SDPA is still growing and offers well-organized, very sophisticated CME to its members.  Though not are all members of the org., derm PAs now number about 2000.   

       Joe confesses frequently that Mary did "all" the work, putting his vision into action & devoting 20-30 hours a week for the first few years.  She managed a derm PA job list, was Exec Sec'y/Treasurer, wrote and mailed the monthly newsletter, managed the exhibit booth at AAD meetings, conducted salary surveys, designed a derm PA brochure, started an online Forum, and created the SDPA website.  In 2001, SDPA hired a Secretary and created a new website, using much from the one you are viewing (the one you are viewing is a private website maintained only by Mary for the purpose of promoting jobs among derm PAs).     

       One bit of humor shared by past SDPA Treasurer, Sue Rancis, was when she was walking toward the exhibit hall at AAD, about 1994, feeling so alone among 13,000 dermatologists (back when she thought she might be the only derm PA in the whole U.S.), and there, outside the doors, sitting in a chair with a little sign, was Mary.  The sign said, "Are You a PA?"   She said she was never so happy to meet another derm PA as when she met Mary's (then) husband, Joe.      

       Mary is no longer affiliated with SDPA and does not speak on its behalf.  Since July, 2002, she has privately continued to offer to put dermatologists in touch with PAs seeking derm positions, and to help PAs find dermatologists wanting to hire a PA, without fees to either, in addition to her full-time job in criminal law enforcement.

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    Executive Secretary for the dermatology PA society for 9 years.
    I am no longer affiliated with the SDPA, an organization I and Joe Monroe
    co-founded in 1993.  I do not speak on behalf of SDPA. Now I enjoy a very rewarding hobby of helping PAs find derm jobs,
    and helping dermatologists hire a PA.
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