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Lysol causes lung problems ?

Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 07:43:31 -0700 Subject: Re: FEL-L: Spraying

Just a word of warning about cleaning products. Many of them are unsafe to use around exotic cats. They are apparently more sensitive than domestics to many things. One of the things I have always been warned against using is Lysol spray, because it affects their lungs. Don't have a lot of details, but you might want to check it out before stocking up on your cleaning products.

Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 08:27:04 -0600 Subject: Re: FEL-L: Spraying

Quick note: I never use Lysol spray for the same reason. There is a lysol that mixes with water that I use to clean in the monkey room sometime, but mostly I use it in the rest of the house which is more or less animal-free (well, okay, none of them LIVE there). Even though I like the odor and cleanability (this one is not the old odor but a new fresh one) I don't think animals should lick or breathe it.

I don't think any kind of spray can be good for anyone to breath, human or non-human. I spray in the monkey room only when they are outside and I cover my nose and mouth, then close the room and get out. Then I clean and air out before letting them back in.

Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 11:17:23 -0600 Subject: FEL-L: Something to REALLY worry about

Folks, it isn't cat litter I'd worry about. Did you know that some years back they did research into a mysterious malady of domestic cats.... Spraying LYSOL DISINFECTANT SPRAY in the areas where cats live gives them the staggers. It affects parts of their nervous system and can cause brain damage. It has no such effect on dogs.

If you use Lysol to clean out areas where your cats go, do so while they are not occupied and give time and ventilation a chance to carry off the mist.

That's not a rumor, folks. Thems da facts!