JavaD Wizard

The JavaD wizard lets you generate Pascal skeletons for using the Java Native Interface (JNI) with Delphi. The skeleton relies on the Delphi JNI unit created by Matthew Mead and available at

Access it through the Object Gallery (File | New on the menu), on the General tab.

Class name    Enter the name of the new Java class to scan for native methods. Use the Browse button to search for and select a class.
Output directory Enter the name of the directory in which to write the Pascal file. Use the Browse button to search for and select a directory. The generated file's name is constructed from the full name of the class above, replacing '.' with '_', with a .dpr extension.
Open Pascal file Check this to open the Pascal skeleton in JBuilder.

To install this tool, just copy its .jar file to the JBuilder/lib/ext directory and restart JBuilder. For online documentation (this page), copy the *Doc.jar file to the JBuilder/doc directory.

Download JavaD

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