Ft. Stevens Banding Station

Captures by year 1989 to present - Text only version
Total Captures 1989 to 1995 sorted into spring and fall - Tables Version or Text Only Version

Analysis of movement patterns

Photo Album 01-bushtit to nuthatch
Photo Album 02-nuthatch to warbler
Photo Album 03-warblers
Photo Album 04-waxwing to yellowthroat

Graph 01-Total captures by year
Graph 02- Activity by time of day
Graph 03- Recaptures by percent of total captures over successive years
Graph 04- Full moon and capture rate
Graph 05- Selected Spring warbler arrivals
Graph 06- Selected Fall arrival/departures

Graph 01
Number of spring captures 
per year from 1989-1995

Graph 02 - Time of day

Graph 03 - Recapture rates for selected species

Graph 04 - captures relative to moon phases

Graph 05 - arrival patterns for selected neotropical migrants

Graph 06 - fall movement patterns for selected migrants