Disappearing Toolbars

It is obvious that there is no room for all toolbars to put on the screen, they take to much space,
there is the way how ever to create toolbar which will dissapier after command picked up and before it is
First create your own custom toolbar and call it say "MY_TOOLS", with all buttons and commands
assosiated with it, as many as you need, can put them in several rows say for example "2".
Then create very simple lisp to initiate it and save it as say Q.lsp (or whatever name.lsp) I recomend one or
two letter name so it is faster to run it.

This is the code
(defun c:Q()
(command "toolbar" "MY_TOOLS" "f" "200,300" "2")
Where "200,300" location on the screen - change it as you like ("200,350" or "300,400" etc.)
Where "2" - number of rows in toolbar (can be "1" or "3" etc.)
Now modify every button on toolbar - put line of code (command"toolbar" "MY_TOOLS" "h")
In front of the command
if command on the button was ^c^c_line
it should look like this ^c^c(command"toolbar" "MY_TOOLS" "h");_line

Similar for other buttons.
load Q.lsp (or whatevername.lsp)
At command prompt type Q press enter (or right mouse button if you set it as ENTER) toolbar
Toolbar MY_TOOLS will pop-up
Now when you click on the selected button - toolbar will disappear and corresponding command will run.
To bring toolbar type Q...
Or you can download generic partial menu DTB.MNU and DTB.MNL - I created for my personal use.
Attach partial menu DTB and you will have four dissapearing toolbars BTN-Modify, BTN-Draw,
BTN-Dimensions and BTN-Text

To download pick here DTB.ZIP (Zip file)