ELT = Emergency Locator Transmitter - Typically carried aboard privately owned aircraft. This device was designed to emit an emergency signal to satellites & SAR personnel in times of distress.

EPIRB = Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon - Similar to the ELT but normally carried by marine vessels, fulfilling the same function as an ELT during crisis situations.

The NW ELT Team was founded and incorporated in 1983, by a group of dedicated individuals who perceived a specific need within the Search & Rescue community - that of electronic, radio-direction finding. Since it's incorporation, The NW ELT Team has served both the states of Washington and Oregon on countless ocassions. Working in close conjunction with the State Divisions of Aeronautics, the Departments of Emergency Services, and Law Enforcement Agencies our team has assisted in the location of numerous ELT's and EPIRB's. Our average "find time" (from the moment we receive a ground signal, to the time we have a unit on scene) is approximately two hours. Although our primarily tactical area of responsibility is SW Washington and NW Oregon, we will assist in whatever capacity our resources and time contraints permit. We are ready to help in an advisory capacity, at any time, outside our area. Further, if conditions warrant, and occupational duties permit, we can serve on a moment's notice, and will travel anywhere our expertise is needed. We strive to live by the adage: "There is no limit to what you can accomplish ........ as long as you don't care who gets the credit."

The NW ELT Team has trained many persons during our existence. Our members have assisted Rick Goodman of The NELT Team (an outstanding group located in New Mexico) with seminars in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, we have taught our own seminars, and made presentations at State SAR Conferences and Ham Conventions. We have traveled as far north as Seattle, WA; as far south as Medford, OR; as far east as Bend, OR; and as far west as the coasts of both states. Many of the individuals who attended the training have gone on to form groups in their local areas. We applaud them for their dedication and commitment to the Search and Rescue community. Their actions speak much louder than our words on this page ever could. We support them and offer a hearty "Job Well Done!"

NW ELT is continually looking for dedicated personnel to assist us in fulfilling our volunteer mission of answering "the call to action". Our team philosophy is encompassed within the very name of the devices for which we search - Emergency. We are quick to point out that the transmitters are NOT called the: "Gee, It's Probably Another False Alarm Locator Transmitter", nor are they referred to as the: "Get There When You Feel Like It Position Indicating Radio Beacon". Until we have a unit actually at the site where the signal is emanating from, we treat each and every one as if it were an ACTUAL EMERGENCY - wow, novel concept, huh?

Admittedly there have been times when we have been unable to assist agencies calling us for help. However, it has been our experience that one cannot find a radio signal unless one actually receives a signal. In other words, "no whelp .... no help".

If radio direction finding sounds interesting to you and you feel like you'd want to join our team, please feel free to contact at the address listed below, or email us. We are always interested in hearing from groups/individuals who are active in radio direction finding and would love to form a unified body of skilled personnel to assist the SAR community. After all, it is the welfare of the subject that is of tantamount importance, saving lives .... that's what we're all about.

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