Glen Canyon
About 85 people explored Glen Canyon during 1961 - 1964 in the trips organized through UCHC.

These trips included hiking trips from the primitive roads surrounding Glen Canyon, but most were rafting and kayaking expeditions that started at Hite Utah or at Hole-in-the-Rock, the place the Mormon settlers lowered wagons down a steep narrow slot in the plateau.  The UCHCers likewise lowered kayaks and rafts down a series of ledges.  Trips ranged from several days to two weeks.  The 1963 and 64 trips encountered Lake Powell: tedious paddling, often in dangerous winds, and without the glens, the sand bar camping, fresh spring water, and relative freedom from noisy motorboats.  Eventually without the most spectacular canyons in the world (only piddling stuff remains), without giant stream alcoves, without multi-mile saw-cut canyon explorations, without Anasazi settlements and art lining the living river, without gold rush remnants. . . without Glen Canyon.