Echo Lakes, Winter 1960

Here we are, starting out on the frozen lake just before sunset to camp on the far side of the lakes that night.  One of the party lagged behind and lost our tracks in the storm.  When we set up camp we realized we were one person short.  I could talk only two others to go back and look for him.  We didn't find him, but all three of us broke through the ice at the edge of the lake and had to dry our outer clothing over the fire when we returned to camp.  The lost party, forgetting that if you are crossing a frozen lake and are going uphill you are off the track, had wandered up into some summer cabins where he spent the night sheltered under one of them.  Who were the two public spirited individuals who were willing to help out in the dark and stormy night?  One was Dick Lamm, who several years later became Governor of Colorado.  The other was Hanna Meara, who went east to become an assistant to child psychologist Bruno Bettleheim. 

A New Year's pink champaigne party, courtesy Mel Bernstein and friends.
Dick Sheible cooling off at champaigne party.
Folk dance at champaigne party, led by John Fitz