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Dear Prospective Plant Buyers, 
     Welcome to September Song Nursery online!   We have been producing unique quality plants since 1994. We hope that we can be a part of your growing success and we thank you for visiting our web page. We will be moving spring of 2010 to our new location so we are not selling at this time!  Please keep checking as we hope to be back selling soon with new and unusual things and an updated web presence!
We are small but we strive to be big on customer satisfaction!  When we aren’t working in the greenhouse we are out catching fish so please call us at 
                                        Check out my Fish!
    We add new plants  as they become available or are soon to be released for sale so visit our “Coming Soon” page for new plants and other items such as our  Home Composting Kits that complete with 1000 live red worms and instructions on home composting ! Get yours today! 
     In our foliage line up you will see many old favorites as well as some new.  We are offering several new exciting plants as well as our specialty--Begonias!  We grow over 40 varieties of Rex Begonias.  They are extremely showy and are excellent for indoor environments. 
   In our flowering section we have many new and unusual plants for the indoor market. 
   Annually we carry a few special varieties of plants such as the Purple Bell vine, perennials, herbs and some vegetable starts.   Contact us on these plants availability for spring/summer sales.
   We carry cacti and succulents in many different sizes and forms. Unique plants such as the Crown of Thorns, Rosary Vines, Burro and Donkey Tails, Hanging Kalanchoes, Maternity plants and Pregnant Onions.   We offer our Hoya’s in a grower’s collection and individual cuttings and some hardy growers in pots. The hoyas that we offer are those that are hardiest ones  and the only ones we grow.
   On our “Unique & Finder" page you’ll see some pretty cool but weird plants also on the page is our plant locator & sick plant clinic where we may be able to help you find that special plant or how to handle your ailing plants.         
   The “Pricing & Shipping” page lets you  find out how we do our best to insure that you get the right plant at the right time and in good condition and our policies.   Please note that we don’t normally ship orders out during harsh summer months or in the extreme winter to assure you of healthy and alive plants when they arrive at your door.    
   We encourage any other suggestions about growing other special items.  Please feel free to e-mail any questions that you may have.  We want you to be successful at growing plants!.       
Thank You,
Kellie Smith, Owner/Grower 
To Contact Us Phone/Fax: 360-274-8853
 (Open Pacific time 9-5 Monday-Friday) 
1241 S. Toutle Rd, Toutle WA 98649

Text Box: To place an order please email your plant requests to us at 
along with your zip code. 
We will check on the availability of your 
desired plants and confirm that we have them in stock.  After we confirm your order by email you can pay by calling or faxing us at 360-274-8853 with your credit card. If paying by check please allow a few additional days to process your order.