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  1. Cops are civilians too. The metaphor of 'war' leads to a dangerous misapprehension on the part of some police officers, who think that they are above the laws they administer.
  2. There do exist police officers who take their jobs seriously and do them well. There also exist punk cops who abuse their authority. I make no guesses about which is in the majority, save to point out that a good cop one day may be a bad cop the next; they're human (see my previous point).
  3. There are two main problems with the 'War on Drugs' as currently pursued by American law enforcement:
  4. The cops have been placed in the unenviable position of attempting to regulate behavior which is not really criminal. Think about it. Breath and urine testing are necessary exactly and only because you cannot tell who is using drugs by their behavior alone--some people are violent and destructive, some people use drugs, but the two sets are not equivalent. Far better would be for criminal ACTS to be punished. But apparently I'm nearly alone in that opinion.

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