Hello Fascism

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clean and sober

                          HELLO FASCISM
    (vocals a la New Model Army; play in quick martial tempo)

Far off in the distance
The helicopters rage
Spotlights neatly focused on their
Military stage
And I hide my face behind the blind
And pray they never see
The depths to which I've sunken
In this country of the free:

Anonymously telephoning
Agencies of sin
Turning in my buddies
To escape the turning in
And the crime that we've committed
The reason for this scene:
We smoked a little cigarette
That wasn't nicotine.

C       D
Bye bye freedom
Bye bye
Hello Fascism
Your party's turning
Right this way
     C                Em       D          Em
Your message comes in loud and clear this time.

They say "it's for the children that we're
Putting you away.
Holiest of missions now
We've got to make you pay,"
But the children don't have time to smoke
They're busy buying guns
And the lessons that they're learning
Are from Father Hitler's sons.

Bye bye Freedom
Bye bye
Hello Fascism
Your dream has come out
Right this time
Supremacy is black and white today.

They take our freedoms from us
In the name of liberty
Orwellian Newspeak says
Today our A is Z
And I wonder if a little pot
Is really all that bad
When I look at what the straights have done
I think we've all been had.

Bye Bye liberty
Bye Bye
Hello insanity
Your party's coming
Right this way
Your purity is guaranteed this time.


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"Never let arbitrary law rule your judgments: it is the vice of the ignorant, who make a vain boast of their cleverness."

--Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote

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