If you have access to a Marshall County resource that is not under copyright, or you have permission to use this source, please email me at dcaallen@pacifier.com and I'll list you here, along with the resource you have access to.

If you are requesting a lookup from one of our volunteers, be sure to put "Marshall County Query" in the subject line, as our volunteers may do lookups for other areas. State who you are looking for, including a little information such as birth or death (if applicable) in order to narrow down the search. Be patient as you wait, our volunteers have lives away from their computers and it may be that you have written them while they are on vacation or busy with other things. Please limit your request to no more than two surnames per email. And once you have received your reply, please remember to thank them for their time.

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1850-1930 Census for Marshall County

Alice Allen


Marshall County Marriages

Alice Allen

I am in the process of transcribing these from microfilm. If your request is for a date I have not gotten to yet, I will look that up for you on my next trip to my local FHC where the microfilm is located.

 1893 Plat Map Index

Alice Allen


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