Photographs Pertaining to Marshall County

The following postcard was found by Sheryl McClure at an estate sale recently. She cleaned it up, scanned it, and sent it to us for our web site. She has no connection to any of the students or teachers listed on the card.

If you have photographs, postcards, or other memorabilia pertaining to Marshall County, please consider sharing it with other Marshall County researchers. Email me and we can figure out the best way for you to contribute your item.


Merrimac School
District No. 15, Blue Rapids Tp.
Marshall Co., Kas.
Sept. 8, 1902-April 24, 1903


Nettie Edwards
Joe Edwards
James McCandless
Walter Merrill
John Merrill
Roy Merrill
Wallace Sorrell
Wayne Sorrell
Helen Sorrell
Margaret Hughes
Mary Drumm
Milton Drumm
Laura Judd
Garwood Judd
John Williams
Logan Phelps
Rena Johnston
Daniel Hull
Emma Thomas
Gwenie Thomas
Robert Thomas
Lewis Thomas
Grace Thomas

C. E. Drumm, Teacher



T. A. McCandless
J. L. Judd
M. W. Axtell

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