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The Edge
See the Edge in Action!

(Josh Glavin Edge 540 video click here)

Same superior foamie quality!
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Recommended Additional items:

Hacker A20-22L Outrunner or
Thunder Power 3 cell 1320 Lipo
4 Sub Micro or 3/Y Harness
Micro 4 with Y harness or
Micro 6+ Channel Rx
Phoenix 25, Hacker X-20

or ThunderBird 18


Wingspan: 38.5 in
Wing Area: 360 sq in
Length: 37 in
Weight: 12 oz w/o Battery
Radio: 4 to 6 Channel Micro Rx
Servos: 4 Micro Servos
Motor: Hacker A20-22L
Controller Phoenix 25 controller
Hacker X-20
Battery Thunder Power 3 cell
1320 Mah
Propeller APC 10 x 4-7 to 11 x 3-8

Our 540 Edge has at least all the same flying characteristics as the rest of the airplanes on our site. It maybe the best yet and has an outstanding paint scheme!

We offer nothing but the best in quality laser cutting and silk screened color schemes. It is proven, "Flying foamies will make you a better flyer." They will teach and improve your rudder thumb. I now get more flight time with my foam airplanes in a month than I used to get in a year. If you are not part of the craze, it is time and we have the best all around flying airplanes on the market.

The 540 Edge is $60.00 painted

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Watch it in action:
Josh Glavin Edge 540 video

  • Detailed assembly and 3D flying instructions
    (click above)
  • Silk screened finish
  • Control horns and push rods included
  • Lightweight smooth Depron foam construction
  • Assembles quickly and easily in just a few hours
  • Capable of extreme 3D aerobatic performance indoors and outdoors
  • Knife edge loops in 15', flat turns in 5'
Other Items for your Electric:
Carbon fiber PushRods
Blenderm Hinging Tape
Electric Propellers
Foam Safe CA
Landing Gear Kit (detailed instructions)







540 Edge

3D Aerobatic Electric

60.00 each



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