JavaToDPR - Java to Delphi Project (Delphi Project Stub File Generator)

Last update: 26 February 2005

JavaToDPR is a Java class that produces a Delphi project file from native methods declared in a Java class file. The resulting Delphi project file compiles to a DLL which is used by Java to interact via the Java Native Interface (JNI.)

Version 1.0.3 (February 26, 2005) JavaToDPR has been updated to fix several problems such as: inner classes, embedded underscores and dollar signs in identifiers, overloaded native methods. A PDF document describes the changes in version 1.0.3.

Help page
View Java source Latest version 1.0.3
Download package Includes examples, a .jar file containing the JavaToDPR classes, a PDF describing changes in version 1.0.3, and all of the Java sources. (~87 KB)

javadpr A Delphi implementation of JavaToDPR. This mimics the behavior of the original 1.0 version of JavaToDPR.

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