javadpr - Java to Delphi Project (Delphi Project Stub File Generator)

Last update: 09 May 2001

javadpr is a native Windows executable that produces a Delphi project file from native methods declared in a Java class file. The resulting Delphi project file compiles to a DLL which is used by Java to interact with Delphi via the Java Native Interface (JNI.) The Delphi source is included in the package below, so it is simply a matter of compiling it with Kylix to produce a native Linux executable. (May need an $IFDEF)

javadpr is a work in-progress and there are some issues that I still need to address. However, in its current state, javadpr is a welcomed tool for Delphi programmers using the Java Native Interface.

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Download package Includes examples, the javadpr Windows binary, and the Delphi source. (~62 KB)
View Delphi source

JavaToDPR A Java implementation of javadpr.

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