Additional GoPro adapters

For those with small high output lights, I offer an adapter with fins to provide additional heat dissipation.  This adapter adds approximately 3 square inches of additional fin area.  Standard versions for Gemini Duo, Yinding, SolarStorm, Nitefighter are available.  Also available undrilled so you can mod as required to suit your particular light. Aluminum, Finned $18.00 ea.
I make an adapter with additional heatsinking for the popular Ituo XP series lights.  This adapter works with the XP2, XP3, and XP4 models.  It is a lower profile mount than the factory mount.  It can also be attached to the light in an extra-low position which is extra handy for the XP2 and XP3 when used on your helmet.  This adapter includes mounting screws as the M2.5 screws to fit the Ituo lights are difficult to find at most retail hardware stores.


This adapter converts your Ituo WIZ20 to the Gopro mounting system.  Replaces the factory plastic mount with a CNC machined aluminum GoPro adapter.  Perfect for extra strength for the relatively heavy WIZ20 when used as a trail light.  Uses the screws from the factory mount. $16.00

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