GoPro adapters for bike lights and GoPro mounts


Thanks for your interest in the adapters.

Note:  I am discontinuing the polycarbonate plastic (Lexan) adapters.  The price of polycarbonate is now higher than aluminum, so it makes little sense to sell a plastic adapter at a higher price than a stronger aluminum one.  I still have stock of the Magicshine version and will keep the listing on for those until the stock is gone.

I have black ABS plastic and aluminum adapters in stock.  I recommend the ABS adapter be used with single LED lights or the smaller dual LED lights. The aluminum adapter is strong enough for any light that the rest of the GoPro system will hold.

The adapters come standard with a blank mounting tab. The intent is that the user can modify to fit their particular light.

Black ABS plastic $7.50 ea.
Aluminum $12.50 ea.

I also offer the adapters with additional machining that will accommodate many of the Magicshine lights and their clones.  Will not work with genuine Magicshine MJ880 but does work with most MJ880 clones.  This mod includes a mounting screw hole and power cable groove in the bottom of the mounting tab.  The groove is designed to allow the user to select the cable exit from the side or end of the adapter.  Using a small file or rotary hobby tool (Dremel) remove the small remaining wall of material in the direction you want the cable to exit

Black ABS plastic $10.00 ea.
Clear Lexan plastic $12.50 ea.
Aluminum $15.00 ea.  

An adapter custom machined to fit the unique curved mounting base of the Magicshine MJ880 is available in black ABS plastic.  This works only with genuine MJ880 lights.  Most MJ880 clones will work with my Magicshine version above.

Black ABS plastic, MJ880 version $20.00 ea.

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