More adapters, GoPro Mounts and ordering information

This adapter fits dynamo lights using a 10mm mounting lug.  This aluminum adapter allows you to use your dynamo light with one of my swivel GoPro mounts or any of the wide range of mounts designed for use with the GoPro system. $20.00
GoPro mounts with swivel attachment.  These aluminum mounts are available in 22.2mm, 25.4mm, 31.8mm and 35mm to suit any common handlebar size.  The swivel allows precise aiming of your light or camera.  Ideal for bike commuters because you can aim your light slightly to the right to minimize glare for oncoming traffic.

22.2mm, 25.4 and 31.8mm $30.00
35mm $32.00

I can CNC machine many custom parts.  If you have a need for something that you can't find anywhere else, send me a e-mail with your ideas.  I'll get back to you with what I can do to help.

I use Paypal's invoice app to process adapter and mount orders.  Once you have decided which mounts and adapters you would like to order, e-mail me with that info.  Include your Paypal e-mail address and country and postal code if outside the US.  US postage is $3.50 to any US address including APO and FPO.  International postage will be quoted per order based on your country and postal code.

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